File corruption issues related to an allegedly closed bug report

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Tue Apr 4 13:08:42 UTC 2023

Dear fellows,

In our company we used to utilize a samba server to share Windows user 
profiles between two instances of Windows Server 2019 which we switched 
every month after performing the latest updates.
For more than a year we have been experiencing problems in 
synchronization of our Windows user profiles and hence stopped switching.

What happens is that several files are getting corrupted due to 
truncation when copied back from the Samba server to the target Windows 
Server. Although the issue is not reproducible among users, noticeably 
just certain files seem to be repeatedly affected.

We have suspected our issue to be related to

Supposedly this bug should have been fixed in

We recently upgraded our Samba version to
2:4.15.13+dfsg-0ubuntu1 (Ubuntu LTS 22) but our issue persists.

We would like to ask for access to the bugtracker in order to report our 
issue and share details which hopefully could lead to a solution.

EMail for registration: software-infos at
Name for registration: "ZKRD IT-Support"

Alternatively we would like to discuss this issue on this mailing list 
if that's more appropriate.

thank you kindly and best regards


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