samba-tool dsacl management

Christian Merten christian at
Mon Sep 12 22:33:16 UTC 2022

> Tested contributions are most welcome.
> Was the last attempt in this area, but it was not tested so didn't
> land.
> So again, contributions are welcome, but we really do need them to have
> tests.
Thank you, I'll start working on it. Currently I am stuck though with 
running the samba-tool out of the repositories master branch. It always 
fails with

"No module named samba.param"

I tried running it from various places, also as suggested here 
I tried python3 ./bin/samba-tool from source4/scripting but still the 
same error. Also I don't see a under python/samba.

Am I missing something? I found the Developer's Guide on, but 
there does not seem to be any information about samba-tool. Also on I couldn't find anything.

Best regards

Christian Merten
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