Can someone please build us a 32-bit Debian container image please?

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Thu Nov 17 12:45:34 UTC 2022

17.11.2022 04:02, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical wrote:
> is GPLv3 and small, could
> someone please adapt that into our bootstrap system and buildar and
> have us build a Debian i686 image for our CI?

I know very little about docker, but I do use debian images (and other
system images) quite often, - in particular, to test samba and qemu
(which I happen to maintain too).  I use various images to build samba
for different versions of different systems this way, too.

The procedure outlined in there is trivial, they use debootstrap to
install a base system image into a directory, create a tar archive
out of it and import it to docker. Debootstrap utility is a shell
script which is supposed to run on various unix-like OSes.

Andrew, what is needed, exactly?  I mean, what should this image
contain and how it will be used?


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