Move msg.sock from var/lib/samba to /run/samba?

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Thu Nov 3 06:00:56 UTC 2022


What's the reason to have msg.sock directory (for sockets to communicate
with various samba processes) in /var/lib/samba/ (in private_directory)
instead of in run directory where it clearly belongs?

On linux, this would be /run/samba/msg.sock/.

Below is a patch I use in Debian since Apr this year. There's no "rundir"
parameter in samba, it is "lockdir", - I used this one. It smells a bit
hackish, but maybe we should introduce "rundir" parameter and point
"lockdir" to it, or just rename --with-lockdir to --with-rundir.

There's also --with-sockets-dir but that one is used for different purpose.

(A side note, there are many configure-time parameters which are misnamed.
For example, -with-privileged-socket-dir is not used for anything but
ntp_signd/, maybe it should be renamed to --with-ntp-signd-dir. Ditto for
some parameters related to ctdb only, but from the name it looks like it
should affect samba too. Should we clean up this mess?)


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