Samba CI mins now totalled: ~145,000 per month: Help needed

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Mon May 2 02:55:19 UTC 2022

On Thu, 2022-03-17 at 09:17 +1300, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical
> Posted publicly to samba-technical as nothing here is really private,
> and perhaps our broader community can step up and help.
> [feel free to follow up to the team list if you need to say something
> private]
> Just saw that on the public runners we use 10million mins per month
> per
> GitLab's stats.  These stats have only just become available. 
> That's a lot of mins. 
> See attached and at 

Just an update, I've grabbed a new screenshot and it is now saying 147k
per month, which is more reasonable.  The tooling here hasn't been

> It is hard to follow exactly what's plans are for moving
> from what must be rather un-sustainable for them, but there are
> clues:
> makes
> it
> clear our free run will end soon.
> I'm sure we, as free users, bring value to their platform but that's
> a
> lot of CPU, even just environmentally!
> I think they plan to give public open source projects a 'cost factor'
> of 0.008, and 50,000 mins free, so that would be billed at only an
> extra $290 USD per month (((9.87 [million mins] x 1,000,000) * 0.008
> [cost factor] - 50,000 [gold plan free limit]) / 1000 [mins per $10])
> *
> 10 [price for 1000 mins].

In the meantime that 'cost factor' has changed to only a 50% discount

The new math would be:  (((147,000 * 0.5 [cost factor]) - 50,000
[ultimate plan free limit]) / 1000 [mins per $10]) * 10 [private for
1000 mins] = $235 per month. 

This is on top of the $600 per month we currently pay Rackspace (the
counted mins only count shared runners). 

Thankfully running 147,000 mins at another provider need not be
impossibly expensive, eg at Catalyst Cloud (just because I can find the
price sheet quickly) it would be ~384 USD (assuming optimal use of 8GB
4CPU instances at exactly 1 hour blocks).  The real world will be more,
but not an earth-shattering difference.

Thankfully this is also the kind of amount we can feasibly ask OSU OSL
to host (I think) or even if we bought at Rackspace (more $$$) it
wouldn't bankrupt us. 

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