: weak crypto is allowed

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Thu Mar 31 16:25:12 UTC 2022


I come across this too, quite some time, each
time tying to find error my smb.conf file, even
trying to tweak protocol settings.

I don't have bugzilla account (asked about it some days ago),
so here it goes.

How about this simple fix?



diff --git a/source3/utils/testparm.c b/source3/utils/testparm.c
index 58ba46bc15f..4d419fd4805 100644
--- a/source3/utils/testparm.c
+++ b/source3/utils/testparm.c
@@ -875,7 +875,7 @@ static void do_per_share_checks(int s)
         } else {
                 weak_crypo_str = "disallowed";
-       fprintf(stderr, "Weak crypto is %s\n", weak_crypo_str);
+       fprintf(stderr, "Weak crypto is %s by gnutls\n", weak_crypo_str);

         if (skip_logic_checks == 0) {
                 ret = do_global_checks();

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