Samba 4.16 build failures

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Tue Mar 29 06:26:31 UTC 2022

29.03.2022 04:41, Matt Grant via samba-technical write:
> Hi!
> Just trying to compile 4.16.0 for my debian servers as a Debian package,
> from debian/rules based on actual Debian packaging.
> Keep getting lots of errors about GSSAPI_LIB_FUNCTION not being defined....
> 4.15.x compiles.

I prepared the 4.16 verson of the debian samba package set. It took quite
significant amount of resources to complete, the amount of changes is also
quite significant. See
for the result so far.  It also includes a relatively large change - it
builds ldb packages out of samba source too, instead of using separate

This is pending some review, some testing, maybe bug triaging, and I'm
also waiting for the ongoing python transition in debian to settle down
before uploading it.

The plan is to upload it to experimental first.



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