getpwuid(13891) failed Failed to finalize nt token

Rowland Penny rpenny at
Thu Mar 24 06:39:56 UTC 2022

On Wed, 2022-03-23 at 22:35 +0000, capricorn cap via samba-technical
> We never got it to working properly. With Security set as Domain.
> Only couple of users were able to browse to their home folders and we
> were getting getuid error so we change the settings to Security ADS
> and I installed krb5-user package but now we are getting prompt to
> enter username and password and even though I enter it I got the same
> error as posted before.

So it has never worked, what were you using previously ? There must
have been something, or you would not be using an EOL Samba version on
an LTS version of Debian that is very close to being EOL.


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