check_reduced_name() with vfs_streams_depot fails if :STREAM/ not in root of samba share

Dave Baukus daveb at
Tue Mar 8 16:16:24 UTC 2022

Samba 4.13.7 on FreeBSD-stable13 I am getting the following errors:

  check_reduced_name: Bad access attempt: . is a symlink outside the share path
  conn_rootdir =/export/xxxVol/shares

Note, there are no symlinks involved.

The above error causes most/all attempts to save a file to the share from MacOS High Sierra to fail.
We are using vfs_streams_depot; the error only occurs when conn_rootdir is not the root of the server's native filesystem (/export/xxxVol/ in this case)
In other words, if the share is mounted at /export/xxxVol then the error does not occur.

One could argue that the :STREAMS is "out side of the share", but there are legitimate reasons for not mounting the at the root of a filesystem.

Is there a known workaround for this ?
Is this a deficiency in module/vfs_streams_depot.c ?
A case of "don't do that" and/or misconfiguration on my part ?

Or do I need to hack this chunk of smbd/vfs.c:
         * In the case of rootdir_len == 1, we know that
         * conn_rootdir is "/", and we also know that
         * resolved_name starts with a slash.  So, in this
         * corner case, resolved_name is automatically a
         * sub-directory of the conn_rootdir. Thus we can skip
         * the string comparison and the next character checks
         * (which are even wrong in this case).
        if (rootdir_len != 1) {
                bool matched;

                matched = (strncmp(conn_rootdir, resolved_name,
                                rootdir_len) == 0);
                if (!matched || (resolved_name[rootdir_len] != '/' &&
                                 resolved_name[rootdir_len] != '\0')) {
                        DBG_NOTICE("Bad access attempt: %s is a symlink "
                                "outside the "
                                "share path\n"
                                "conn_rootdir =%s\n"
                        return NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED;

Dave Baukus

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