More Podman work needed

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Jun 8 03:23:09 UTC 2022

Kia Ora Uri,

Thanks so much for the podman work, this was awesome!

We have had a couple of niggles on the CI recently, and one was
that is following Fedora images fairly closely,
and 'diff' got dropped from fedora 36 by default.  Ouch!

I considered rewriting diff in bash, and that is one option, or the
natural option of installing it with 'dnf', but the reason for writing
to you (and the list) is:

I wonder if it would be possible for this to use CentOS 8 as a base
instead?  Is the current or at least a working podman there?

I guess I'm trying to find a way that we have an image base that is a
little less volatile and if possible more trusted (thinking about
supply chain attacks and the risks of a :latest tag).

If you have any time to think about this, let me know.  In the meantime
I've locked us to the last working image in my most recent update to

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