move samba-specific libs from libwbclient0 to samba-libs

L.P.H. van Belle belle at
Tue Jun 7 08:33:57 UTC 2022

Hai Michael, 

This looks nice, I'm running a amd64 build now. 
I'll report when its build en I have tested an upgrade. 

Thanks so far, great work mate. 



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> Michael Tokarev via samba-technical
> Verzonden: maandag 6 juni 2022 23:48
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> Onderwerp: move samba-specific libs from libwbclient0 to samba-libs
> I just comitted a change to move out of libwbclient0 into
> samba-libs, since itself does not use this library
> anymore:
> /commit/59abd59e03a94a5410e95bf1ac156004288ba1ac
> Please take a look :)
> The thing works as expected, I verified it before pushing to salsa, - I'm quite
> confident with it.  This is one more step to proper separation of packages (as
> we already did with python bits in samba-libs).
> Thanks,
> /mjt

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