[PATCH][CIFS] Do not build smb1ops.c if legacy support is disabled

Tom Talpey tom at talpey.com
Thu Jun 2 18:39:35 UTC 2022

LGTM, but I had some additional suggestions that I found when
researching how to yank the entire SMB1 code into a module.
Which actually looks quite possible, but for another day.

This patch doesn't actually stop building smb1ops.c and cifssmb.c
however. Don't you want to deselect them in the kconfig?

Feel free to add my
Reviewed-by: Tom Talpey <tom at talpey.com>

On 6/1/2022 11:45 PM, Steve French wrote:
> Another minor one to remove some unneeded SMB20 code when legacy is disabled
> On Wed, Jun 1, 2022 at 9:39 PM Steve French <smfrench at gmail.com> wrote:
>> We should not be including unused SMB1/CIFS functions when legacy
>> support is disabled (CONFIG_CIFS_ALLOW_INSECURE_LEGACY turned
>> off), but especially obvious is not needing to build smb1ops.c
>> at all when legacy support is disabled. Over time we can move
>> more SMB1/CIFS and SMB2.0 legacy functions into ifdefs but this
>> is a good start (and shrinks the module size a few percent).
>> --
>> Thanks,
>> Steve

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