[Samba] Remove LanMan auth from the AD DC and possibly file server?

Björn JACKE bjacke at SerNet.DE
Wed Jan 26 11:50:58 UTC 2022

On 2022-01-26 at 16:50 +1300 Andrew Bartlett via samba sent off:
> My feeling is that for the Win9X and OS/2 irrilplacable industrial
> equipment case, that guest authentication would suffice, combined with
> 'force user' and 'hosts allow' for 'security'.
> What do folks think?

my gut feeling is that many users will be very unhappy with such a change. I
know many setups where the clients say that ntlm auth is still required for
them and where guest auth would not be an option. Even on AD DCs sometimes. For
sure on member servers.

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