running only selected tests in samba sources

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Mon Aug 1 14:35:15 UTC 2022


Is there a way, after successful build of samba source, to run just selected tests
without running whole testsuite, *and* without (re)building everything with the
--enable-selftest option?

Many tests do not require this option to be enabled. For a very simple example,
consider lib/ldb/ tests - when ldb is built from its own separate source
tarball, it's easy to run its tests. But when it is built as part of whole samba
source, an attempt to run ldb tests - even by providing the right test selection -
still fails due to main samba wscript checking if --enable-selftest has been enabled.

In Debian we used to build libldb from its own source, and running a testsuite there
has been useful. But now we build it from main samba source tree and we can't run
the testsuite anymore.

Many more other tests can be useful without --enable-selftest too.

I'm about to patch wscript to omit checks for --enable-selftest options in wscripts..



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