doing a test build of samba

Andreas Schneider asn at
Wed Apr 6 10:22:25 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, 5 April 2022 21:57:16 CEST Michael Tokarev via samba-technical 
> 05.04.2022 22:42, Rowland Penny via samba-technical wrote:
> []
> > I am definitely no expert here, but why are you running the tests ?
> > The idea (as far as I am aware) for the tests is when the code is
> > changed, the change can be tested. When the code is released e.g.
> > 4.16.0 , it doesn't require testing.
> Take a look at any package for any linux distribution - most likely
> you'll find quite some amount of patches for various things.
> Most of the important packages do include selftests too.  Note these
> are run on different architectures and with different system
> components.
> Current samba package in debian contains more than 300 patches.
> And the tests are disabled entirely.
> Before uploading such a monster I'd love to know if it at least
> quacks still, instead of relying on my users to report problems.

You're aware that the testsuite runs for 4-5 hours?

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