Adding the ability to remove the SMB1 server.

Jeremy Allison jra at
Wed Sep 29 18:48:41 UTC 2021

This is just an FYI. I'm working with
David Mulder of SuSE (actually he is
doing all of the work :-) to add a
waf configure option to Samba to
enable users to not compile the
existing SMB1 code into the Samba
binaries for 4.16.

The option is provisionally called
--with-smb1server and is currently
set to "true" by default (i.e. we
*will* still build the SMB1 code).

As the code will still be present
and able to be compiled this will
mean minimal disruption to our
regression tests, mostly we'll
just be able to add a new test
target "smb2only" like the existing
"fileserver" test target (in fact it
may be possible to make the existing
"fileserver" test target use
--with-smb1server=false, not sure

This will prepare us for the future
where we support SMB1 only in client
code for connecting to legacy servers.

Having the ability to ship Samba
with *NO POSSIBLE* capacity to
serve SMB1 would be a positive
change for security-sensitive sites.

No current ETA for this change, but
Andrew suggested to me this would be
a good thing to bring up on samba-technical
in case people wanted to discuss.



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