No Tsocket Unit tests? - Re: Samba | libcli:dns: SAMBA_INTERNAL DNS, set forwarder port (!2148)

Matt Grant matt at
Thu Sep 9 05:16:15 UTC 2021

Hi Uri!

Thank you for helping me while I drill into the tsocket library code.

I have been working  through things, and thought I should check to see if
there are any unit of CI tests for the lib/tsocket code and I cannot find
one single written test for that library.

Please show me where these tests are if they do exist, otherwise I am
asking questions about whether I should be proceeding to touch that library
with new code for stability reasons, until a full test suite is written for
it.  I believe that should be a separate project covered under a different
MR, not this one.

There are reasons I did not want to put that code near that library, and I
think I recall finding not test framework when I wrote the host_port
parsing, and thought I should leave lib/tsocket well alone for ongoing
release stability reasons until something is done about it.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Matt Grant

On Wed, 8 Sept 2021 at 19:57, Uri Simchoni (@urisimchoni) <
gitlab at> wrote:

> Uri Simchoni <> commented
> <>:
> The *location* macro is a compiler-supplied macro of file and line.
> Users of the function call tsocket_address_inet_from_strings(), but it is
> actually a macro, that translates into
> _tsocket_address_inet_from_strings(params, *location*), thus allowing
> _tsocket_address_inet_from_strings() to keep track of the call site - for
> debugging purpose.
> The #ifdef is there so that in doxygen mode (when generating API docs,
> that is), the docs generator shall see the function without underscore.
> What I have in mind is something like :
> int tsocket_address_inet_from_hostport_strings(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx,                                      const char *fam,                                      const char *addr,                                      uint16_t default_port,                                      struct tsocket_address **_addr)
> This will try to extract a port from the string, and then call
> tsocket_address_inet_from_strings using either the port that was found or
> the default port. ... that's what the user calls, and in the implementation
> you do all the "location business".
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