Help writing new SAMBA_INTERNAL DNS test code please.

Matt Grant matt at
Sun Sep 5 06:35:44 UTC 2021


Just wish to offer my well appreciated Thank You  to all those who
helped me get this going.  Merge request is ready for review.


Matt Grant

On 31/08/21 5:20 pm, Matt Grant wrote:
> Hi Andrew!
> Have not created Samba bugs for the following yet, as I am trying to
> get the hardest part doen, writing the test code.
>  1. Dns server port number specification for smb.conf 'dns forwarder'
>     server list
>  2. Restricting the dynamic DNS update ranges so that the
>     SAMBA_INTERNAL server is not spammed with IPv6 PD addresses from
>     the ISP.
> Main issue is being able to dynamically change the smb.conf setup for
> the Python self test hookup, for 1, specifically within
> samba.tests.dns_forwarder.  Being able to do this will also make 2 far
> easier.  After looking at the test code set up, I can't see how to
> dynamically change the smb.conf file in st/samba/smb.conf while the
> tests are running to set up for testing the port numbers or not.
> Would specifying a 3rd and 4th 'dns forwarder' entry be possible?  I
> just don't want to up set the already written tests.
> Best Regards,
> Matt Grant  

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