directory with a symlink pointing to non-existing file

Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Oct 25 17:15:02 UTC 2021

On Mon, Oct 25, 2021 at 06:50:08PM +0200, Pavel Filipensky via samba-technical wrote:
>I was not aware of xatrr_tdb, thx for pointing that out. I do not care
>about config with xattr_tdb, it was more or less a coincidence.
>However, it does not work with "fileserver" environment for me. What
>exactly is your regression test doing?
>some grep for "fileserver" environment :
>$ grep test1 st/fileserver/logs/log.smbd
>  synthetic_pathref: stat [test1/l2] failed: No such file or directory
>  streams_depot_stat called for [test1/l2]
>  streams_depot_stat called for [test1]
>  streams_depot_rmdir_internal: called for test1
>  rmdir_acl_common: unlink of test1 failed Directory not empty
>  rmdir_internals: couldn't remove directory test1 : Directory not empty
>  close_directory: test1. Delete on close was set - deleting directory
>  smbd_smb2_close: close_file[test1]: NT_STATUS_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY

Haha ! I'm hoist by my own petard :-). The "fileserver" environment
is including xattr_tdb in my test. I need to set "vfs objects ="
in my veto_files_delete and veto_files_nodelete shares (as is also
done in many other "fileserver" environment shares) and then
the regression test works.

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