Failing pipeline build,

Ralph Boehme slow at
Fri Nov 26 04:53:47 UTC 2021

Hello Matt,

On 11/26/21 04:31, Matt Grant via samba-technical wrote:
> Have a failing pipeline build for a patch set which I would like RFCed for
> work on for merging.  This builds cleanly on my set up at home, and
> there don't appear to be any build logs that tell me where gitlab-ci is
> going wrong for merge request 2271....

../../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c: In function ‘dns_update_get_caddr’:
../../source4/dns_server/dns_update.c:775:7: error: unused variable 
‘uname_lchr’ [-Werror=unused-variable]
   char uname_lchr=0;


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