Multiple idmap servers for failover

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Thu Nov 4 17:44:49 UTC 2021

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> > Hello.
> > 
> > I would like to specify multiple OpenLDAP server backends for the
> > ldap_url option. Is this possible as I don't see any examples
> showing
> > the format?
> > 
> That could be because they rely on SMBv1 and Samba is trying to
> remove
> it.
> Can I ask why you are not considering upgrading to Samba AD, it is
> extremely easy to have multiple DC's
> Rowland
> Hi Rowland.
> This is a legacy installation and they aren't interested in
> upgrading.

Not saying it isn't possible, it will just be a lot harder and a lot
less secure.
> So this is not possible?

Upgrading to AD will be easier and with the best will in the world,
whilst it has been said that the last version of Samba before SMBv1 is
removed will be maintained, most emphasis is likely to be on the newer
SMBv2 plus version.

As for the multiple ldap servers, this is something you would have to
take up your ldap server provider e.g. Openldap


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