Introducing the samba-in-kubernetes project (SINK)

Michael Adam obnox at
Thu May 6 20:28:29 UTC 2021

Hi all,

At last year’s sambaXP conference, I introduced kubernetes concepts and possible use cases for samba in the era of the container platform and demoed the prototype of a samba-operator. Slides and recordings can be retrieved from the sambaXP archives [1], and the video is also available on youtube [2].

In the meantime, the prototype has grown a real ecosystem:

We have created an organization samba-on-kubernetes (SINK) on github [3], containing a few initial repositories:

- samba-operator [4] - the operator code
- samba-container [5] - samba container (file and ad containers)
- sambacc [6] - configuration tool for samba in the container

We have also created a public “” organization on the container registry [7]. Pull requests on the code repos are tested in kubernetes and container images of the operator and the samba container are automatically built and published to quay after merging. The space can of course be used to host other, community-facing samba containers! 

Today, at the sambaXP conference, John Mulligan and I gave a presentation of the current state of the project, including a demo, and an overview of the work that is currently being done as well as an outlook of things on the roadmap. The sambaXP website [8] will be updated with slides and recordings (will also be available on youtube with an ETA next week as I heard :-) .

Contributions to this extension of the samba ecosystem are of course highly welcome! - Issues, pull requests, and also the github discussion board work in addition to discussions on the samba-technical mailing list.

Cheers - Michael


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