Samba XP fuzzing tutorial prerequisites

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at
Wed May 5 08:59:03 UTC 2021

Roughly tomorrow (depending on your timezone), at SambaXP, I will do a
sort of introductory tutorial to fuzzing Samba.

Most likely you don't need to read this because you are either not
attending SambaXP, or you are gong to watch Namjae Jeon talking about
cifsd/ksmbd and Ralph Böhme about VFS changes, both of which are
concurrent with this.

Also, it is completely OK to just follow along passively or discursively.
But if you *do* want to join in with actual fuzzing, it will help if you
have the following bits ready in advance.

1. A clean Samba git checkout, and all the build dependencies. On a bare
cloud instance, you can do something like:

$ git clone git://
$ cd samba
$ sudo bootstrap/generated-dists/ubuntu2004/

replacing 'ubuntu2004' with something else there if it sounds more like
your distro. There are limited choices. For an existing samba tree, just
de-configure it with `rm -r bin`.

2. Honggfuzz and its compilation prerequisites

$ cd ..
$ git clone
$ sudo apt install libbfd-dev libunwind-dev clang-11
$ cd honggfuzz
$ make

It doesn't need to be clang-11; apparently anything >= clang-5 is OK.

3. The samba-fuzz-seeds repository

$ cd ..
$ git clone

and you can just leave that one sitting there mysteriously for now.


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