Drop NIS support

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Mar 24 20:10:31 UTC 2021

On 24/03/2021 19:58, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Wed, 2021-03-24 at 17:57 +0000, Rowland penny via samba-technical
> wrote:
>> On 24/03/2021 17:52, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2021-03-24 at 09:12 -0700, Jeremy Allison via samba-
>>> technical
>>> wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 05:10:15PM +0100, Andreas Schneider via
>>>> samba-technical wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> could we drop NIS support for Samba 4.15?
>>>>> This means getting rid of lib/replace/system/nis.h and yp_*()
>>>>> ...
>>>> +1 from me. Let's see if anyone else is still
>>>> using it.
>>>> So the current list for 4.15 will be Tru64, HPUX, NIS.
>>>> Any more for any more ?
>>> Just to be clear to others, this is not the so-called NIS support
>>> in
>>> the AD DC which at one point helped Active Directory Users and
>>> Computers managed the rfc2307 user attributes.
>>> I'm happy for the real NIS support to go.
>>> In terms of other things to trim, what about some of the printing
>>> modes?
>>> Andrew Bartlett
>> How about idmap_hash ? The one that says 'DO NOT USE THIS BACKEND'
>> at
>> the top of its manpage.
> Is there a way to emulate it on another backend using configuration
> options?
> Andrew Bartlett

I have no idea, but there is not much point in keeping something where 
(the capitalisation is not mine). So, surely, it is fix it (and I seem 
to remember a discussion about this, where it was decided it couldn't be 
fixed, so the warnings were added to the manpage) or remove it to stop 
us looking stupid (my opinion).


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