Expectation around pydsdb's dependency on libdnsserver-common

Anoop C S anoopcs at samba.org
Mon Mar 15 11:27:04 UTC 2021


I see that with [1] pydsdb is now being built without AD DC. In our nightly master Samba builds we noticed a dependency failure[2] while trying to install these new .so files after including it in a python3-samba rpm sub package.

Install test reported a dependency on libdnsserver-common-samba4.so(for pydsdb) which is only installed with AD DC and fails in its absence.

source4/dns_server/wscript_build has the following:

        deps='samba-util samba-errors ldbsamba clidns',

Was this intended while changing pydsdb to be built without AD DC? Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Anoop C S.

[1] https://git.samba.org/?p=samba.git;a=commit;h=a7897cc6cd5ba2df57d354c71b625e98be2a3243

[2] https://ci.centos.org/job/gluster_samba-build-rpms-centos8/28/console

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