about active/active clustered nfs with ctdb

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Thu Jan 28 09:25:16 UTC 2021

Hmmm.  Sorry, I might have read too quickly and misunderstood.  70.iscsi
is only designed to run tgtd on nodes and export LUNs from public IP
addresses. In your example the nodes are iSCSI clients, mounting a
filesystem on the LUN and exporting it via NFS.  That is very different.

Sorry for the confusion.

In your scenario, is the filesystem on each LUN associated with a
particular public IP address?

It would be good if you could do this without modifying 10.interface.
It would be better if you could do it by adding a new event script.

peace & happiness,

On Thu, 28 Jan 2021 09:55:29 +0800 (CST), 风无名 <wuming_81 at 163.com>

> martin, thanks for your reply.
> No, I did not modify 70.iscsi. Maybe I need to make full understanding of it.
> after many days reading/debuging the source code of ctdb and its shell scripts, I found the key point in the script 10.interface. 
> my modification  is:
> 1 create nfs share(mount fs, modify /etc/exports, restart nfs service ..) before any public ip is added to some interface
> 2 delete the corresponding nfs share after any public ip is removed from some interface
> I tested many shutdown-reboot cycles (of node in a ctdb cluster), and the results are the same as my expectation.
> I think I need more tests and more scenario tests.

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