Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Fri Dec 10 15:03:57 UTC 2021

On pe, 10 joulu 2021, Volker Lendecke wrote:
> The branch, master has been updated
>        via  ea2ec7ea5e8 WHATSNEW. Added section about samba-dcerpcd.
>        via  7b62fa967d0 dcesrv_core: Remove unused dcesrv_reinit_context()
>        via  730f7dfd615 s3:rpc_server: Delete unused code and doc references
>        via  9e3ee8c40c0 printing: Remove "start_daemons" from printing_subsystem_init()
>        via  a7c65958a15 s3:rpc_server: Activate samba-dcerpcd
>        via  d522a8cce12 s3:rpc_server: Add samba-dcerpcd helper programs
>        via  3fb2fd49445 s3:winbind: Close internal RPC pipes after 5 idle seconds
>        via  a350a000f10 s3:rpc_server: Make npa_state_init() public
>        via  a0075a1fd0e unittest: Remove test_sambafs_srv_pipe
>        via  c2b8cf05c37 s3:printing: Move pcap_cache_loaded() to load.c
>        via  3aee4c171c2 smbcontrol: Add rpc-dump-status
>        via  188586dddde s3:rpc_client: Add rpc_pipe_open_local_np()
>        via  d3e1ece1a45 s3:rpc_server: Implement the rpcd_* helper-end of the samba-dcerpc protocol
>        via  4d75f08fd22 s3:rpc_client: Add local_np_connect()
>        via  3ca7c640da0 s3:rpc_server: Add samba-dcerpcd
>        via  8ffeb18b9a1 docs-xml: Add "rpc start on demand helpers", true by default.
>        via  a697814eba9 idl: Define messages sent between samba-dcerpcd and rpcd's
>        via  da90c02b168 dcesrv_core: Add dcesrv_loop_next_packet()
>        via  95659031e45 backupkey.idl: Don't listen on \pipe tsvcs
>        via  3284ee9985d dcesrv_core: Add dcesrv_context_set_callbacks()
>        via  ebc3918f7d0 s3:rpc_client: Bump debug level for ncalrpc connect error
>        via  f83f7bd6bdd s3:rpc_server: Remove direct registry access from svcctl_init_winreg
>        via  a60c7b4ff29 s3:services: Disable rcinit-based service control code
>        via  afd014245a9 test: Prime the kpasswd server
>        via  d5fa6263948 rpc_server: Check info5->transport
>        via  00e41d198d2 librpc: Get transport out of tstream_npa_accept_existing_recv()
>        via  fa445f15318 auth: Fix a typo in auth/gensec/ncalrpc.c
>        via  1bab76223cd librpc: Add named_pipe_auth_req_info5->transport
>        via  530fb4fdfb3 named_pipe_auth.idl: Add "need_idle_server"
>        via  d1934e2331f named_pipe_auth: Bump info4 to info5
>       from  bd98e040d4a Update WHATSNEW.txt with removal of wildcard copy, rename and unlink.

Thank you, Volker! This is a huge step forward for Samba!

I am going to look at adopting FreeIPA to use samba-dcerpcd during
Christmas weekend.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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