SMB Multichannel on Linux client, again...

Dmitry Martyanov dmitry.martyanov008 at
Fri Aug 13 20:59:14 UTC 2021

I am sorry for disturbing you...
But I still couldn't make SMB Multichannel work on my PC.
My hardware:
1. PC, which has 2 NICs, works on Manjaro KDE (Arch Linux based), 5.13.8-1
Linux core.
2. NAS, which has NIC with 2 ports, works on OMV 5 (Debian based), 5.10.0-0
Linux core.
On the NAS side I edited smb.conf as needed.

If I use Windows 10 on my PC, SMB multichannel works perfectly.
But on any Linux distro it doesn't work at all.
>From /etc/fstab/ that I use for mount folder from NAS to PC:
//         /home/user/Downloads      cifs
0 0
Are there any mistakes?
Maybe I missed something in or...?
And I know, this feature is experimental at this time, but in win10 it
works out-of-the-box without any additional settings needed.

I hope you can help me or maybe find a way to solve this problem.
>From my way I promise any assistance for it.

Best regards

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