GPO created via samba-tool don't Copy or Backup

Klaas TJEBBES klaas.tjebbes at
Fri Apr 30 13:03:14 UTC 2021


I am facing a problem with GPO managing on the Samba side.

When I create a GPO named "test" using the RSAT on Windows, I can then 
Copy and Backup this GPO.

On the samba server, using "samba-tool gpo backup/restore", I backup and 
restore this "test" GPO under another name, "blabla" for example.

Back in the RSAT on Windows, this new "blabla" GPO can NOT be Copied or 
Backuped. The error is "invalid directory".


On the samba server, I go in the "test" GPO directory (in 
"/home/sysvol/{ID_TEST_GPO}") and do :
  getfattr -d -n user.DOSATTRIB -R . > ../test.attrs

Then I go in the directory of the "blabla" GPO and do :
   setfattr --restore=../test.attrs

Then I return on the RSAT and now I can successful Copy and Backup 
"blabla" GPO.

Why this problem ? Am I doing something wrong ?

Thank you, regards,

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