init script or systemd?

Jason Long hack3rcon at
Mon Apr 26 18:21:46 UTC 2021

Thank you.

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> Hello,
> I installed the last version of Samba on the Fedora Server from the Source Code. In address, two sections existed:
> 1- Using an init script to manage the Samba AD DC Service
> 2- Using systemd to manage the Samba AD DC Service
> I must do both of them or just one of them is needed? It depends on my preference?
> Thank you.


No, you only use one, which one you use will depend on your OS. Most 
OS's now use systemd, but others such as Devuan still use init scripts, 
so you need to find out what your OS uses.

Also, this isn't really the correct place to ask questions such as this, 
you should be posting to the samba mailing list.


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