winbindd callbacks not triggered

Rowland penny rpenny at
Mon Sep 28 09:19:52 UTC 2020

On 28/09/2020 10:16, Isaac Boukris wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 11:12 AM Rowland penny via samba-technical
> <samba-technical at> wrote:
>>> Thoughts?
>> Sounds to me like a misconfiguration in /etc/nsswitch.conf, running 'id
>> root' should check /etc/passwd and /etc/group first. winbind shouldn't
>> even be consulted.
> Could be, but some of the failed requests are for domain users and groups.

Need more info, how is Samba being run, what is in smb.conf ? what 
domain users and groups are failing ?


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