Regd. per-share stats/profile support

Sudip Panda psudip at
Wed Sep 23 08:52:25 UTC 2020

Hello Everyone,

I am new to SAMBA codebase and going through the building blocks (tevent, tallocs, TDBs etc.) to address a feature request to provide per-share statistics/profile. As of now, I see with smbstatus command (with -P and profile option set), SAMBA provide global statistics. Also, while I am learning SAMBA, I came across SAMBA TA. Would like to understand whether similar request (supporting per-share statistics) came in the past and any analysis was done for supporting it using TDBs. If any analysis was done in the past, would like to understand the outcome of that from you folks. I understand that multiple connection can access and modify the per-share stats which actually is a case for global stats as well.


PS : While I am going through SAMBA code, the video from Ralph (Developer’s guide to smbd) was very helpful. Thanks a lot Ralph for such an amazing description of the code flow! I found it very useful. Apologies for resending the mail as the first mail didn’t get delivered to the group because of incomplete subscription process.

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