Drop Python2 for the build?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Sep 5 02:22:34 UTC 2020

Just wondering when might be the time to drop the python2 build?

This came to mind because David Disseldorp recently had to adjust build
system changes to cope with python2, so I figured it might be time to
revisit this.

March 2021 will be 12 months after the long-delayed EOL for Python2 and
since we made last made big decisions around this area Python3 has
become available in the default package set for more platforms,
particularly including CentOS 7.

We currently spend CI resources building and smoke testing Samba with a
python2, which we could save, as well as the (small) complexity of
targeting both python versions.

The simplest change would change the minimum python to build Samba to
3.5, the same as we set the minimum to for fuzzing, or just 3.6 the
same as we already require otherwise (this would be better tested).

As background, the first Samba release with python3 support, 4.10, was
released in March 2019, so if we did this for 4.14 this would be a two-
year gap.

What do folks think?

Importantly: beyond Linux, how is python3 platform support better now?


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