PATCH: make disabling of vfs_snapper consistent with our configure/build system

Nicolas Pinault nicolasp at
Mon Oct 26 12:47:11 UTC 2020


I tried to cross-compile Samba 4.13.0 today.
I got the following error message :
vfs_snapper is enabled but prerequisite dbus-1 package not found. Use 
--with-shared-modules=!vfs_snapper to disable vfs_snapper support.

Using --with-shared-modules=!vfs_snapper I get "bash: !vfs_snapper: 
event not found"
Using --with-shared-modules='!vfs_snapper' has no effect (same error as 
with no option is output).
Using --disable-snapper I get "waf: error: no such option: 

One workaround I found is to remove lines 1945 and 1946 in source3/wscript :
     if host_os.rfind('linux') > -1:


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