Clarification around the DCO

Rowland penny rpenny at
Mon Oct 19 09:10:47 UTC 2020

On 19/10/2020 10:01, Ralph Boehme wrote:
> Am 10/19/20 um 10:09 AM schrieb Rowland penny via samba-technical:
>> So, I bunch of Lawyers and the SFC are trying to dictate to Samba just
>> what is in the DCO and what it should be called. The lawyers are only
>> kicking up a fuss and dragging Samba into their argument because they
>> cannot get their way. Is this a much simpler version of what happened ?
> this seems really harsh and to me it seems James doesn't deserve such a
> response in any way. He has been carefully expressing why he's
> approaching us and he is not forcing us in any way.
> Thanks!
> -slow
It wasn't really aimed at James, it was just my understanding of what he 
posted and If my understanding is correct, then it was aimed fairly and 
squarely at the bunch of lawyers, sorry for any misunderstanding :-[

My feeling is that the bunch of lawyers have spat the dummy out AND 
thrown the teddy out of the pram and are lashing out at everybody and 
anybody to get their way, they need to be put back in their box.

BIG NOTE: All this is just my opinion and must not be taken as the 
opinion of the Samba team.

a very blunt Lancastrian


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