Samba user quota implementation question

Rowland penny rpenny at
Wed May 27 19:53:14 UTC 2020

On 27/05/2020 20:42, Krishna Harathi via samba-technical wrote:
> Our OneXafe FS  supports share/fs level quota using smb.conf “set quota command” and “get quota command”.
> We are currently extending support to user-level quotas using the same interface, when Samba smbd is an AD DC member.
> Setting user quota from a windows client is working as expected. But once quota is set, none of the users are listed in the quota’s pop-up window, so cannot delete or modify quota properties. Moreover, creating a new quota entry for the same user is generating a “quota entry already exists for this user” error.
> By tracing get/set requests to our file server, I see that our FS server is receiving a get request for Samba for every user entry in the local password file, but none for the UID of the DC member user. But I do see a default quota get request for the group GID.
> The problem seems to be that the get/set command interface does not obviously support a “list” user quota api to the hosting FS.
> Questions on this –  We can post and manage user entry (host-local uid/gid) corresponding to the DC user sid/gid whenever a “set user quota” is received. I did verify that when an entry is made manually, windows user quota workflow behaves as expected. Is the problem assumption correct and is this a way to implement? Is there a better way, given the constraints?
> We are using Samba 4.7.11 patched with fix for 4.7.
> Any help is this issue is much appreciated in advance.
> Regards.
> Krishna Harathi

 From reading the above, it looks like you are saying that you have the 
same users in /etc/passwd and AD, is this correct ?

Can you also please post the entire smb.conf you are using on the OneXafe.


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