Gsoc: Integrate Samba AD DC deployment and management with Cockpit idea

Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Sat Mar 28 21:41:10 UTC 2020

Hi Hezekiah,

On la, 28 maalis 2020, hezekiah maina via samba-technical wrote:
> Hi, I'm Hezekiah a student interested in working with Samba during Gsoc
> period. I've cloned the repo( but
> the installation steps don't seem to work. Is there a way I can access the
> frontend design so that I know how to proceed with my proposal.

The code you see in my github repo was a prototype to assess how far can
we get within a day of experiment. If we would start from scratch (most
likely) then I'd suggest you to look at several things:

- cockpit-design, as they provide a good researched UX and UI designs
  for Cockpit apps for multiple areas over past few years,
- SuSE YaST work around
  for some details)
- Cockpit starter kit,
- 389-ds Cockpit plugin,
- Cockpit virtual machines interfaces (both cockpit-docker and
  cockpit-podman), see more

The project would need to investigate:

- a possible UX and UI design

- define base set of use cases that can be mapped to distinct Samba AD
  as covered in,,,
  and other domain controller related tasks as described in

- build actual Cockpit app that implements a clearly defined subset of
  those use cases.

>From my perspective, a successful project proposal would be able to
present a set of use cases proposed to focus on since this is a huge
area, a scope to work on, how one would expect to work on deliverables,
technology and process wise.

It would be nice to see how this project would evolve after the GSoC session
would end, since it is clearly a longer term work that would need to be
passed over and shared with more contributors.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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