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Andreas Schneider asn at
Tue Mar 24 10:00:11 UTC 2020


as a daily task I have to sign commits and also add my review tag after 

As git-filter-branch has been deprecated and the replacement is git-filter-
repo [1], I've written some really nice python tools to make my life easier.

In a git repository I and do:

git signoff+            # Add my signoff to commits I authored.
git signoff+ --by metze # Sign commits authored by metze,
                        # because he forgot :-)
git review+             # Add my RB tag to commits I'm not the
                        # author of or which has my sign tag
git review+ --by metze  # Add review by metze

metze is a shortcut, the name you specify is actually a file name placed in


so metze is actually the file ~/.review/metze and the content is his name and 
mail address.

You can find 'git signoff+' at [2] and 'git review+' at [2]. Just put them in


and git will find them.

I hope they will be useful to others.



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