Samba 4.12 rc3: bind DNS say "named: client update denied"

Dario Lesca d.lesca at
Sat Mar 14 14:02:28 UTC 2020

Il giorno lun, 09/03/2020 alle 12.07 +0200, Alexander Bokovoy via
samba-technical ha scritto:
> I think it is a missing feature in samba_dlz

Someone can confirm or deny this affirmation ?

I'm looking for the reason why, when I join a new PC to domain, the PC
name is insert only into Computers session, and not into DNS zone
managed from samba AD.

This happened for my wrong configuration (if yes, i can post all my

Or it's a not implemented yet feature, like Alexander Bokovoy say

> Il giorno lun, 09/03/2020 alle 17.44 +0200, Alexander Bokovoy ha
> scritto:
> I tried to create a configuration where named.conf is used to supply
> an update ACL to a zone hosted by Samba DLZ module and it didn't work
> because for a master zone specified explicitly in named.conf Bind
> expects a full definition, including 'file ..' statemenet. Since the
> zone is stored in DLZ database plugin, it directly overlaps with
> that.
> As result, it looks like it is impossible to specify ACL to DLZ-
> provided DNS zone other than through DLZ itself.

Let me know

Many thanks for the clarifications

Dario Lesca
(inviato dal mio Linux Fedora 31 Workstation)

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