The new bytearray.h

Andreas Schneider asn at
Thu Mar 5 07:23:00 UTC 2020


TL;DR: Please use (PUSH|PULL)_(U|I)_(8|16|32|64) instead of e.g. SVIAL.

You might have recognized that we have a new header called lib/util/
bytearray.h. The file will replace the lib/util/byterorder.h.

As other code I've written bytearray.h for libssh originally. It doesn't 
depend on undefined behavior which byteorder.h did. Yes, libubsan complained 
about code which used byteorder.h. The byteorder.h has been change to use the 
functions from bytearray.h.

Also I followed the naming form NDR. So the function names are for example:

* PUSH_BE_U32() to push an uint32_t to array in big endian order.
* PULL_LE_64() to pull an uin64_t from an array in little endian order.

I find those names much more descriptive than e.g. SIVAL(). I never know what 
that thing actually does until I take a look what the macro does.

Please if you write or modify code, please use the new macros! The plan is to 
get rid of byteorder.h one day.



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