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> > > We've started hashing out a new Contribute page for the samba wiki.
> > > You can view it here: 
> > >
> > > 
> > > The old Contribute page doesn't match the current process, so it
> > > seemed
> > > writing a new page from scratch was in order.
> > > 
> > > I want to start a discussion here so we can hopefully improve the
> > > page.
> > > Please comment and also contribute to the Contribute page!  
> > 
> > David, this is really good ! Thanks a lot for this one.  
> David and I have also been working on 
> We hope this describes many of the to-date unwritten rules of Samba
> development.  We would encourage more of these to be written down.

This is very nice!

Just a couple of things...

I wasn't aware of bisect-ability as a hard and fast rule.  I think this
is an excellent goal.  However, sometimes, very rarely, you end up with
a choice between 10 bizarre commits that maintain bisect-ability versus
one really obvious one that breaks it for a single commit.  I wonder if
we can allow occasional build breaks that are clearly documented in
their commit messages.  That might upset someone who's all-night
bisection just fell over on my broken commit but when they look at the
commit message they will know it was intended and will know how to
restart their bisection.  I just feel as though sometimes there might
be a tension between clarity and bisect-ability.  Not sure...

Also, although the page goes close, I feel it is missing the beauty of
this statement:

  Finally remember that Samba is Git patches as performance art.  Each
  is to be carefully prepared, polished and presented with love, as a hand-
  crafted gift to the future.  The beauty is in the stream of individual
  gems.  It often feels overkill, but here today we see why we have the
  emphasis, because it means that anybody - even someone outside CTDB
  expertise, can say 'sure, that makes sense', and review it.

I feel that the author of this statement really captured something that
day and it would be a shame if it were lost to only the mailing list
archive...  ;-)

If not, then I think the next in-person SambaXP, or perhaps just team
members, should have a t-shirt that says "Samba is Git patches as
performance art".

peace & happiness,

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