Avoiding further (LDAP) stack proliferation in Samba

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Tue Jun 9 09:45:00 UTC 2020

Am 5/22/20 um 3:02 PM schrieb Stefan Metzmacher via samba-technical:
> As you know I like the idea of having things implemented just once!
> But as found out in the past this is a lot of work and
> replacing everything at once is often not possible.
> We learnt that we sometimes have to do small steps with intermediate
> states, which we sometimes not like, but at the same time require
> in order to make progress at all.
> There're a lot of things I'd like to see:
> 1. The ldb api should not be used for pure LDAP users,
>    it's bad enough that the strange async model exists at all!
>    We should hope that it's only used for LDAP for command line
>    tools in a sync fashion.
> 2. source3/lib/tldap_gensec_bind.c should use gensec_update_send/recv
> 3. tldap makes use of the "client ldap sasl wrapping" and other
>    options, which are use by source4/libcli/ldap/ and
>    source3/libads/
> 4. We can add some helpers to get/pass 'struct ldb_message' from/to
>    tldap c.
> 5. users of source4/libcli/ldap/ should move to the tldap api
>    - lib/ldb-samba/ldb_ildap.c can become lib/ldb-samba/ldb_tldap.c
> 6. libads should go away it, at least it's low level internals
>    maybe it can be build on top of tldap as a first step in
>    order to avoid a rewrite of all non-winbind users.
> 7. winbindd should avoid libads and only use tldap.
> But the goal of
> https://gitlab.com/samba-team/samba/-/merge_requests/1351
> is moving along with 7.
> And I'm not seeing why we would require 4, 5, 6 before doing 7.
> They would be nice to have, but they tasks for another day.

this sounds reasonable.


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