Samba Developers Guide

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Wed Jun 3 11:18:40 UTC 2020

On 2020-06-03 at 11:00 +0200 Aurélien Aptel via samba-technical sent off:
> Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical <samba-technical at>
> writes:
> > Can anybody say some words in support of this, or should this now also
> > be removed?
> As samba grows more and more complex I think a document like this is
> desperatly needed. Perhaps it could be updated with the content from
> Ralph's sambaxp talk?

given that the mentioned document is so outdated, I think updating it would be
like more or less like rewriting it from scratch. Of course a good devel
starting point docu is required but for this old one I would not object to drop
it. On the web there can still stay that old one archived with the "outdated"
disclaimer in the background.

my 2¢

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