Massively excessive DNS lookups in ads_XXXX code.

Andreas Schneider asn at
Thu Jul 23 05:22:57 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 23 July 2020 00:29:45 CEST Jeremy Allison via samba-technical 
> Hi all,

Hi Jeremy,

> Do you concur ?

Yep :-)

Have you ever called 'net ads join' in a big network with 200 DCs? Once we get 
the list with DCs we will resolve *every* name we got to an IP address. Yes, 
one would be enough. If we run into timeouts (30sec) a 'net ads join' takes 
about 5-10 minutes to succeed.

Take a look at the while loop in discover_dc_dns() :-)

Thanks for looking into this! ;-)


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