GSoC Update and Phase One Feedback

hezekiah maina hezekiahmaina3 at
Sat Jul 4 11:05:24 UTC 2020

Hi mentors,

I'm glad to have successfully completed phase one of the GSoC. I'm really
grateful for the support and help you have provided during that time.

I wanted to give you feedback regarding the concerns raised in the just
concluded phase one review and an update on building the packages for
various distributions.

On writing a blog post on the work already done, I was thinking about
writing it at the end of phase two as the project would be more mature than
it's current state with some tests and build packages for the different

About my experience working with samba-tool, I hadn't had many problems
working with it but to create a new user you have two options: create and
add. There were some discussions on the mailing list about this and I think
the verdict was to proceed with one and depreciate the other.

Another issue I encountered was using samba-tool dns in which you have to
pass in your administrator password for the realm interactively on the
console or as a flag. With other commands this was not a requirement and
i'm not sure why it is required with dns management.

Other than those two things the documentation for the sub-commands is
wonderful and has really good examples.

I have decided to work with the Open Build Service, from the recommendation
made by Alexander, to build the packages for various distributions. I was
making the assumption that the most popular distributions used with Samba
AD DC are RPM and Debian based. I'm seeking the community's feedback so as
not to make the wrong assumptions on this.
I created an account with the and have been exploring
the UI and going through the documentation for OBS. I also created a
Webhook in Gitlab to push the code to when there is a
commit in the master branch. Is this the right way to do it or is there
another option?

I also wanted to work on a better UI with some of the commands e.g showing
the computer AD object. The current way for listing the results uses an
alert group which isn't scrollable and can be a limitation when working
with small screen sizes. I feel a better way to do it is to use a modal in
which they appear on a list as they would on the console and make it
scrollable if they don't fit on the current screen. There was also a
suggestion from David on having to submit form input using the enter key
and I will also work on it.

Thank you.

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