libwbclient (LGPLv3) linking to samba-util (GPLv3) in Samba 4.12

Ralph Boehme slow at
Thu Jul 2 19:40:04 UTC 2020

Am 7/2/20 um 9:30 PM schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> G'Day Folks,
> I just noticed this because debian failed to build due to an extra
> symbol added to our internal samba-util library.
> samba-util is a 'big ball of mud' library of Samba stuff, licensed
> GPLv3 and very, very helpful for stuff in Samba.  Work is slowly
> happening to try and pry it apart into a directed graph of smaller
> libraries, but for now that is how it works.
> Either way, it is GPLv3 and is therefore not permitted to be a
> dependency of libwbclient, which is our tiny winbind client lib for
> linking into OTHER PARTS of a running system, eg nss, pam and
> potentially other tools.  It is LGPLv3, and important distinction.
> I don't know why our ABI stuff didn't pick it up, but I know some on
> the team have ideas about how to reinforce that.
> We need to disconnect these two parts, then try and undo the damage in
> the distributions due to the extra symbols. 

drat! Sorry for this mess, if noone else gets to it before, I'll take a
look tomorrow.


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