Weird Windows Server 2012 behavior with compound requests

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Mon Jan 20 04:29:19 UTC 2020

Hi folks,

I am seeing what looks like weird behavior with Windows Server 2012.

I am sending it a long series of compound request with:

1. CREATE <some-file> with OPEN for backup intent, READ CONTROL.
2. GET INFO for the SD.

Early on the server give me lots of credits (around 35) but eventually
it scales that back to just three credits per request.

I never send a request unless I have credits, I believe.

Every now and then the server fails all of the requests in the
compound with ACCESS_DENIED (which seems wrong, because I would only
expect the CREATE to get ACCESS_DENIED and the other two to get
FILE_ALREADY_CLOSED or some such.)

If I restart the operation where it left off, everything runs to completion.

I must admit that I was doing reboot testing where I reboot the
Windows server to ensure that the whole operation picked up where it
left off. I have ~40,000 files in my test set, and if I don't do any
reboots, it runs to completion.

However, if I throw a couple of reboots into the mix I see the above behavior.

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior. Is there anything I should look for?

Richard Sharpe

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