[SMB311][PATCHES] parse posix create context in order to handle getattr

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 18:45:05 UTC 2020

I wanted to make sure this first patch which was closer to ready didn't
regress anything so I temporarily put it in to run buildbot testing (which


On Fri, Feb 28, 2020, 05:39 Aurélien Aptel <aaptel at suse.com> wrote:

> Steve French <smfrench at gmail.com> writes:
> > First 1/2 of changes needed to support SMB3.1.1 POSIX Extensions
> > support for getattr (stat) - the main remaining item left for the
> > Linux kernel client support of the SMB3.1.1 POSIX Extensions.
> >
> > The patch from Aurelien allows SMB2_open() callers to pass down a
> > POSIX data buffer that will trigger requesting POSIX create context
> > and parsing the response into the provided buffer, and the second
> > patch fixes some minor problems with the first patch.
> I know we want progress on this but this patch is part of a WIP series I
> shared with Steve not meant to be sent here yet (cf all XXX which I use
> in dev/debug). Thanks for spotting the errors and typos but please don't
> merge this yet. I will send an updated version if you really want to
> have it.
> Cheers,
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