ctdb failover problem

Wyllys Ingersoll wyllys.ingersoll at keepertech.com
Thu Feb 13 16:32:55 UTC 2020

Running 4.10.13 with ctdb and 2 nodes behind haproxy.

The ctdb configuration does NOT use public addresses (since these are
managed by haproxy).

Both nodes come up and join together successfully, and one of them is
joined to the AD domain. The problem is that if the node that is joined to
AD fails, the 2nd node doesn't rejoin the domain and so even though new
requests are routed to it (via haproxy), since it is not explicitly joined
to the domain, clients fail to authenticate and cannot access the shares or

What is the trick to make ctdb automatically join the domain when a
secondary node becomes the primary?

  Wyllys Ingersoll

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