Linux io_uring VFS backend.

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Fri Feb 7 13:14:06 UTC 2020

Hi Jeremy,

>> Any chance we can get the io_uring VFS
>> code checked in for 4.12 ?
>> Would love to see that as an option
>> for Linux users.
>> I'm happy to review / test !
> Look at
> I just rebased on current master.
> The ubuntu 18.04 hwe kernel is up to 5.3 now.
> But you need the liburing library from
> I typically use
>  ./configure --prefix=$HOME/prefix/liburing
>  make
>  make install
> And for Samba
>  PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$HOME/prefix/liburing/lib/pkgconfig/:${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}"
>  ./configure ...
> Note it won't currently work with a 5.4.15 kernel. The regression
> is revert in 5.5 and most likely backported to 5.4.16.
> Please test and it and play with the possible config options.
> If you can provide some numbers, which show if the options have
> any impact.
> If everything works out ok, I'm happy to push it to master and
> backport to v4-12-test.

Ok, I've done some basic testing and I'm able to speed up
a smbclient 'get largefile /dev/null' against smbd on loopback
from ~ 2.2GByte/s to 2.7GBytes/s by using the io_uring module.

I've added at least compile time tests for gitlab
and removed the WIP status of the merge request.

Please review and push to master. Once it's in master
I'm happy to backport it to v4-12-test and write a WHATSNEW entry.


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